The Foundation

The FTSE 100® Cross-Company Mentoring Executive Programme was launched in 2003, co-founded by the current Chief Executive, Peninah Thomson OBE. The Foundation relies on mutual support between leading companies, with senior business figures, normally Chairs of FTSE companies, acting as Mentors to women executives on a pro bono basis. Neither the Foundation nor the Programme could exist without the generous contribution made by the Chairs, who act as Mentors and give their time and support in other ways to enrich the Programme.

The Mentoring Foundation was created in late 2011 at the suggestion of a group of Chairs for the purpose of developing and extending the Programme, which had expanded considerably, in particular after the interest generated by The Lord Davies of Abersoch CBE’s report, Women on Boards in February 2011. Because of its unique framework, The Mentoring Foundation has been established as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, with any surpluses reinvested in the company for the benefit of the Programme.

The Mentoring Foundation operates The FTSE 100® Cross-Company Mentoring Executive Programme, offering mentoring and related services to high-potential women at the senior executive level. You can read more about this Programme, and about the historic Next Generation Women Leaders Programme, in our “What We Do” section.  The Executive and Next Generation Women Leaders Programmes have enjoyed unrivalled prominence as a result of our unique 20-year track record, the unparalleled commitment of our Mentors and sponsors and our not-for-profit status.