The Mentoring Foundation’s supporters are some of the most iconic public and private sector organisations from the UK and abroad. They come from a broad range of areas including retail, energy, oil and gas, mining and extraction, FMCG, engineering, defence, telecommunications, distribution, property, industrial, banking, technology, communications, finance, insurance, utility and the legal, professional services, and public sectors.

Founder Patrons

These companies and organisations, and their leaders, were crucial in founding the FTSE 100® Cross-Company Mentoring Executive Programme and guiding its transition to The Mentoring Foundation. In addition to having done this, their Chairs, Managing Partners and other leaders have given unparalleled support to the Programme and the Foundation by nominating Mentees, by acting as Mentors, and by providing invaluable insight and counsel.





Patron Companies

The Chairs, Managing Partners and other leaders of these companies and organisations have given powerful commitment to the Programme and the Foundation by nominating Mentees, by acting as Mentors, and by providing invaluable insight and counsel.



SponsorsThree companies have, in addition, kindly sponsored particular aspects of our work:

HSBC plc

We are grateful to HSBC plc for their generous commitment in hosting and sponsoring our quarterly Mentee Network meetings in their London HQ over the years. These have been very popular events for the Mentees and Alumnae of the Executive Programme, and HSBC’s Former Chair, Sir Douglas Flint CBE, and current Chair, Mark Tucker have taken a personal interest in the work of the network.

HSBC plc took over sponsorship of the Mentee Network in 2016 from Unilever plc, whose Chair, Michael Treschow, and CEO, Paul Polman, had been heavily involved in the Network’s creation and had been most generous and supportive sponsors during its first four years. We are delighted that HSBC plc stepped forward to take over the sponsorship from them. You can read more about the HSBC Mentee Network in our “What We Do” section.


Lloyds Banking Group plc

The FTSE Programmes benefit from the long-standing commitment of Lloyds Banking Group, as Founder Patron of both the Executive and Next Generation Women Leaders Programmes. Sir Win Bischoff, while Chair, demonstrated his personal commitment not only by agreeing to act as a member of the Advisory Council but also in Lloyds’ sponsorship of the redevelopment of this website. We are delighted that following his retirement, Sir Win’s place was taken by Chief Executive António Horta-Osório, and Chair, The Lord Blackwell. We are very grateful to Lloyds for enabling us to ensure our online presence reflects our work, expertise and track record in this area and enables us to communicate more effectively with those interested in what we do.


Quilter plc

Following some years of generous sponsorship by Old Mutual plc and Old Mutual Wealth Management, Quilter continued to be a generous sponsor and host of the Mentee Network for our Next Generation Women Leaders Programme. This network was supported by Mr Paul Feeney, Chief Executive Officer; Mr Paul Hucknall, Human Resources Director and Ms Charlotte Cherry and Ms Alix Ainsley, who job-shared the role of Director of Talent & Culture. The Network met three times a year, in a format that mirrored the HSBC Mentee Network for the Executive Programme. You can read more about the Quilter Mentee Network in our “What We Do” section.