The FTSE 100® Cross-Company Mentoring Executive Programme operated by The Mentoring Foundation provides our Mentees with a network of opportunity, helping senior women break through to the top of UK corporations and otherwise progress their careers.

Through our work we:

bring senior women executives and Chairs and Chief Executives together through highly bespoke mentoring relationships
facilitate the introduction of Mentees to leading business decision makers
carry out groundbreaking research into women’s leadership and mentoring
influence opinion-formers through our expertise and the Programme’s track record.



The measures of our success

We monitor all our mentoring partnerships closely. We stay in regular contact with our Mentors and Mentees, and with Alumnae of the Programme. Through the regular feedback we receive about individual sessions as well as immediate and more long-term outcomes, we have been able to build a robust record of the benefits our Mentees derive from the Programme. We have tracked the career progress of our Mentees over a 20 year period; this longitudinal research has enabled us to develop an in-depth understanding of how to help create highly successful mentoring pairs. Success is tracked and measured at both subjective and objective levels:


"The business and executive search communities have taken the lead by providing opportunities to gain visibility, exposure and confidence. One aspect of this is mentoring, and the most prominent such scheme is the FTSE 100 Cross-Company Mentoring Scheme. The Government should use their influence to support the expansion of the FTSE 100 Cross-Company Mentoring Programme."

House of Lords European Union Committee
Women on Boards Report
9th November 2012


For the next generation
of women leaders

Between 2012 and 2020, The Mentoring Foundation ran a programme for women at middle management level – the "Next Generation Women Leaders Programme." During those eight years almost 100 women at an earlier stage of their career benefitted from being in a mentoring relationship with an Alumna from the Executive Programme; additionally, they worked with other cohort members (ten cohorts in all) with a series of group learning sessions facilitated by the Foundation to help them navigate the transition from middle to senior management. Finally, NGWL Mentees benefitted from an unparalleled series of visits to a variety of working environments, including MI6, Quilter plc and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

At the time of its design and creation, few companies had mentoring programmes in place specifically for their talented middle management women; in later years however – to our delight – companies began putting such programmes in place, and we therefore drew the NGWL Programme to a close. If you would like to read more about the NGWL Programme, press the button above.