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Pipeline Programme Recommended by Executive Women in the Workplace Inquiry

The Executive Women in the Workplace Inquiry stated that "The Mentoring Foundation’s FTSE 100® Cross-Company Mentoring Executive Programme has proved highly successful, with 82 out of 100 women involved to date going onto a senior executive position, a board or a non-corporate equivalent. The Foundation is piloting a sister scheme in recognition of the importance of the challenges in the executive pipeline of talent; we await the evaluation later this year but hope that it is deemed successful enough to be rolled out to the full number of companies signed up to the Foundation. We encourage other companies to participate in the programme as a potentially effective means of strengthening their pipelines."

The Inquiry’s formal recommendation is that companies:

"Establish mentoring and sponsorship programmes. We encourage mentoring and sponsorship which can support women in the pipeline. Companies should establish internal mentoring programmes for women (or for male and female staff jointly) at all levels of the pipeline and participate in the Mentoring Foundation’s Cross-Company Pipeline Programme, currently at pilot stage. We also recommend that companies require their senior executives to sponsor women in the pipeline as part of their top talent management."