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"Passing the Baton": After four years, Unilever plc passes over sponsorship of our Executive Programme Mentee Network to HSBC plc, at an event attended by both Chairs

In April 2016, we hosted an exciting event at Unilever to mark the "Passing of the Baton" with regard to sponsorship of our Executive Programme Mentee Network. Unilever plc has provided wonderful sponsorship of the Network since its inception in 2011, and indeed it was the company’s Chair, Michael Treschow, who originally suggested the idea of a network for the senior women passing through the Programme.

Unilever will remain a key corporate supporter, but the time has come to "pass the baton", and we are thrilled that HSBC plc has generously stepped forward to take over the sponsorship.

The network will become known as the HSBC Mentee Network, and to mark the occasion, we welcomed both Michael Treschow, Chair of Unilever, and Douglas Flint CBE, Chair of HSBC, to the event. They shared the stage with an Executive Programme Mentee, Leena Nair, and Alumna Carolyn Bradley, and led a fascinating discussion on the next steps in strengthening the executive pipeline in the UK’s major organisations.