Meeting of the Quilter Mentee Network in November 2019

The most recent meeting of the network took place in November, when we were delighted to be joined by Ms Hanlie van Staden, Transformation Director, Quilter plc, a current Mentee on the Executive Programme.

Hanlie spoke to us about her career journey, which began in banking in her native South Africa, before she moved to Skandia in the UK and then Quilter plc.

She has worked closely with Mr Paul Feeney, CEO, Quilter plc since 2012 and has been in her current role since May 2017, leading a high-profile transformation project.

The second session of the evening included a review and reprise of the Colloquium, which only a small number of Mentees and Alumnae who are members of the Quilter Mentee Network were able to attend (there were simply not enough seats available). Those present at the Colloquium were able to talk in general terms about the day, its content and its impact, before we had a wider conversation among us all about some of the ideas that emerged.