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House of Lords Report commends FTSE Programme

The House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union published its Women on Boards report and recommendations, ahead of the anticipated publication by the EU Commission of a draft Directive on quotas. The Committee mentioned the FTSE Programme as the most prominent intervention of its kind and recommended that the Government support our work. Copies of the relevant paragraphs of the Report are incorporated here:

  "130. There have already been positive efforts on both fronts. In the United Kingdom, the business and executive search communities have taken the lead, with initiatives in place to develop female candidates by providing opportunities to gain visibility, exposure and confidence. One aspect of this is mentoring – "a big issue" for The Lord Davies of Abersoch CBE. The most prominent such scheme is the FTSE 100® Cross-Company Mentoring Scheme. This matches Chairs and Chief Executives of FTSE 100 companies, or their equivalents in the public sector, with appropriate candidates for mentoring. There have been 94 participants in the programme since 2003. In the last two years alone, 14 were appointed as non-executive directors, and there are plans to expand its reach more widely." and

  "170 …The Government should use their influence to support the expansion of the best initiatives that emerge, such as the FTSE 100® Cross-Company Mentoring Programme, filling gaps in funding where appropriate."